How Many Square Feet?

Are you wondering about the right unit to choose? Do not worry, we can help you! Click on the following dimensions to learn more about what can be stored.

Do not forget to consider the height when you consider the units that follow because it allows you to multiply the number of items to be stored. If in doubt, call us!

This type of units generates 50 square feet, which may seem little. However, skilfully using the height (our warehouses are 8 feet high), you can theoretically store 400 cubic feet! (the problem is that no one thinks in cubic feet!).

The fact remains that 50 square feet is enough space to store the contents of a studio or a bedroom.

Seen otherwise, this space can accommodate some big furniture, up to 15 boxes of bikes or a motorcycle.


A unit of 10 x 10 represents 100 square feet. In terms of spaces of comparable size, think of a garden shed or a small bedroom. These units can be standard or climate-controlled according to the specific needs of your items (such as important documents and electronic devices)

If you have average boxes (20 inches by 20 inches), a 100 square foot unit could hold about 36 boxes. That’s almost all the content of one of your main pieces. Sofas, desks, chairs, lamps, shelves, bedside tables, mattresses and other key items in the room can be stored in a unit of this size.

A 10 x 15 unit offers you a total of 150 square feet of storage space: an ideal size for a two bedroom apartment, including some major home appliances. Seen otherwise, it’s a room a little smaller than a standard car garage.

Are you looking to renovate a room or an office? Now you can have space to keep all the content during construction instead of clogging the other pieces!

A 10×15 storage unit is a little smaller than a standard car garage.

It is suitable for the content of three full bedrooms and larger items such as a piano, sofas, tables or large screen televisions, as well as several medium to large boxes.

With 200 square feet, you have the equivalent of a classic garage. It’s a unit that is large enough for a three bedroom including several oversized items like a sofa, a refrigerator, a washer / dryer and a set of dining room or several large boxes.

Some consider it an ideal space for big TVs, couches, tables and even a piano!

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